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          Contact us now to become one of the party of trophy buck hunters to schedule a 5-day bow hunt.  Or...The combo hunt combines the bow hunt on private land with an Illinois firearm season.  Harvest your second deer in the 280,000 acre Shawnee National Forest.  980 acres of the Shawnee National Forest is just two miles from Crooked Post Lodge.   

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The Captain

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Illinois Deer Hunting for Trophy Bucks

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​      The Captain's many years of hunting experience in Southern Illinois should be very useful to hunters who choose Illinois  whitetail deer hunting outfitters, especially Whitetail Trophy Tracts.

          My Illinois deer hunting partners call me "Captain".  I use the name in connection with anything related to the outdoors and Illinois deer hunting.  I have been hunting for almost 50 years, with a majority of that hunting time in Southern Illinois.  

            Bow hunting has come a long way since I began hunting.... and so have I.  In 1968, very few Illinois counties were open to bow or firearm hunting.  Many counties did not have any deer, much less a population of deer that included trophy bucks.  I have grown and worked to develop productive deer habitat and the sport of deer hunting in this, now premier, state for whitetail.  

            Managing for trophy bucks and a generally strong deer population has now become one of my goals in life, rather than just harvesting a monster buck.  I still have the "Big Kahuna" as my annual quest, but knowing they are there, and exist on properties I manage, and that I may have been in some way responsible, is uplifting.  This makes the work throughout the year meaningful.

​          I never thought I would work with whitetail deer hunting outfitters, but Whitetail Trophy Tracts is different from most Illinois deer hunting outfitters. They respect the quality management of a natural habitat and the strengthening of a trophy buck population.

​           To this end, small 5-day archery hunts have been developed as a means of sharing the chance to harvest one of our "monsters".  And... at the same time, still maintain the ability to provide a trophy buck population for future bow hunting enthusiasts.

         I was one of the founding partners who has nurtured this area of Southern Illinois.  I am proud to provide an environment for other hunting partners to enjoy their bow hunting experiences the way I have.