Illinois Deer Hunting With a Commitment to Quality Deer Management & Trophy Bucks

The Future

          In 2016, Whitetail Trophy Tracts decided to promote the Illinois deer hunting ideas and experiences developed by the original group.  Whitetail Trophy Tracts was begun, and now offers a few dedicated bow hunters the opportunity to share in the trophy bow hunting experiences they have treasured.  The private, managed land will be open to a small groups of hunters for 5-day archery hunts for trophy bucks

​        Whitetail Trophy Tracts is not a traditional whitetail deer hunting outfitter.   On a WTT hunt, select bow hunters make private land, a comfortable lodge, and a high quality environment their own during their hunt.  There is no pressure, no schedules, and definitely no leased farmland.  You make the decisions.  It's your hunt!   In fact, other hunts can be arranged, if the 5-day archery hunt doesn't meet your needs. 

        WTT wants to create a hunt like they have enjoyed for so many years.  Other outfitters are commercial....WTT is like home.  

         If you are a dedicated hunter of trophy bucks, interested in Illinois bow hunting, and interested in learning more about deer management practices, contact Whitetail Trophy Tracts, premier whitetail deer hunting outfitter.  Reserve a spot on the roster for one of this year's bow hunts.

Our Commitment 

           In 1996, five bow hunters, enthusiastic about Illinois deer hunting,  formed a partnership.  This Southern Illinois deer hunting partnership was based on a philosophy of quality deer management and the nurturing of trophy bucks .  They developed their land, individually and as a group, with proper land use, nutritional food plots, and strict harvest size requirements.  Penalties were self-imposed for any whitetail buck harvested with less than a 17-inch spread on the inside measurement.

          Since 1998, not one acre of land has been used as commercial farmland.  All food plots are planted and left annually to insure sufficient food availability for all wildlife, with a special focus on the deer population.

          Unlike other outfitters that lease farmland wherever they can find it, this land has not been opened to any outside hunting for over 20 years.  Only property owners hunted and managed the land, and, honestly, never imagined becoming whitetail deer hunting outfitters.

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