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Illinois Deer Hunting for Trophy Bucks

Illinois Deer Hunting

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5-day Trophy Bow Hunts
Illinois Deer Hunting for Trophy Bucks Offered by 
One-of-a-kind Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters

Whitetail Trophy Tracts deer hunting outfitter is rare among whitetail deer hunting outfitters.  Whitetail Trophy Tracts features a unique experience in Illinois deer hunting.  WTT specializes in a 

5-day trophy archery hunt on private land--a tract of land reserved for a small group of bow hunters.  The land is maintained with quality deer management for trophy bucks and bow hunting. Other hunts are available through WTT.  One archery hunt each year can be combined with a firearm season offered in Illinois, a top-ranked state for trophy whitetail deer.   A combo bow/firearm hunt has a total of 7 days of Illinois deer hunting.  WTT also offers shorter archery hunts each year, 2 firearm hunts, and an Illinois muzzleloader hunt.  Hunters stay in a new lodge with amenities and extras designed for relaxed comfort and hunting success.  Transportation, stands, everything you need is provided.  You decide the type of hunt you want.  It's Your Hunt!

​​In 1996, five bow hunters dedicated to Illinois deer hunting formed a partnership based on a philosophy of quality deer management and nurturing  trophy bucks.  Since that time, individually and together, they have managed over 1,400 acres for proper land use, nutritional food plot introduction, and strict harvest size requirements.  Their Illinois deer hunting plans never included becoming whitetail deer hunting outfitters.  

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The Whitetail Deer Hunt

WTT Quality Deer Management

​Following their commitment to quality deer management and promoting trophy bucks, Whitetail Trophy Tracts stands above other whitetail deer hunting outfitters.  They specialize in a 5-day archery hunt on private land that has been conserved for the development of trophy bucks.   WTT believes it is not just about is all about trophy bucks.  WTT believes it is not just about hunting is about  developing the land with quality deer management. WTT's hunts are for small groups of bow hunters who believe the same way.

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